Work at Kokatto. 

Grow. Have fun. Change the game.

Not only do you have the opportunity to create revolutionary solutions for real-life organizations, you will also be working with a team full of young bright talented minds. You will be mentored by the world’s most talented engineers who have contributed for years in the world’s largest software engineering industries. We strive for building impact and innovation that change the market landscape.

Benefit of working at Kokatto
  • GROW


    Whether you're a software developer, a sales engineer, or a product manager, you will grow with Kokatto. With the fast pace and dynamic environment, and with the guidance by our best engineers and consultants, there are only bright opportunities ahead of you.


    At the end of the day, all we want here is for you to have fun while making the world better. Bring your casual wear – T shirts, sandals, shorts, etc. (as long as you're not meeting with clients, of course!). Be ready for our fun activities besides having fun working. Be creative. Be flexible on your hours.


    No technology remains fixed. In Kokatto, we believe in innovation. We develop technology that allows our clients to leap forward and change the market landscape, hence the game. We invite you to make history with us.
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  • QA Engineer

  • Biz Development Manager

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